Dr. Semmoto joined RENOVA as an External Board Member in 2014, 

becoming Chairman in 2015. Prior to RENOVA, he founded four leading telecom companies

including KDDI and eAccess. He was a board member of NetApp, Inc.

headquartered in Sunnyvayle, CA which is one of the excellent company in Silicon Valley,

and Reuters which is the world's largest telecommunications company.

He was also a full professor at Keio University, a visiting professor of Carnegie Mellon University

and University of California, Berkeley. 

He holds a BS in Engineering from Kyoto University and PhD in Engineering from University of Florida.

Executive Chairman

Representative Director of RENOVA

Sachio Semmoto


Ani Terada is the Founder & CEO of Aniwo

which is an innovation platform company between Israel and Japan.

The company supports Japanese leading corporations and Israeli startups

to create innovative values together.
Kyoto University (MBA), Osaka University (BEc)

Founder and CEO of Aniwo

Ani Terada

Ani Terada Profile.jpg

After graduating from graduate school of University of Tokyo,

started to work for Deloitte and engaged in various areas such as IPO consulting service.

In 2008, founded addlight Inc. and providing Business consulting for big enterprises

and incubation service for startups inside/outside Japan.

Also on the board as director of some tech start-ups

and have involved five of them to be listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange market.


Graduated from the Economic Department of the University of Tokyo,

and graduated from the Master’s Course in the Economic Department of Graduate School

of the University of Tokyo.

CEO of addlight inc.

Tadaaki Kimura

The potential of Dapp × AI

responsible for AI, Cloud Tech

and Cyber Security areas and also responsible for Europe and Israel

business development.

Global Brain Corporation

Naoki Kamimaeda

He is a manager

of the blockchain div of Framgia

and developing some Dapp games

and products. 

Framgia, Inc.

Shogo Ro

Yu Hirate

Rakuten, Inc.

Senior manager of Rakuten institute

of Technology Tokyo, Rakuten, Inc.


Eiji Matsuyama


He is a Senior Vice President

of Business Development of Aniwo

Does Dapp love IoT ?
Yossi Dan.jpg

Chief Innovation & Entrepreneurship

at Challengy, He helps enterprises and cities solve their big problems with the small Israeli startups and innovators.

Yossi Dan

Founder & CEO of Aniwo

which is an innovation platform company between Israel and Japan.

Aniwo Ltd.

Ani Terada

Asaf Eldad


VP Business Development at SIRIN LABS

passionate about taking part

in the world's shift to decentralization

and cryptocurrancy adoption.


Rie Matsumoto

Former Commercial Attaché

of Japan in Israel

Rie has worked for three years

as Japanese Commercial

and Innovation Attaché in Israel.

The technology challenges of Dapp

Director of Operations - Japan

She is keen on both enterprise

and mass consumer adoption

of blockchain technology.

Orbs Group

Mayo Hotta

Rui Zhang.jpg

He took in charge of and succeeded in setting up crypto delegated investment fund - gumi Cryptos. He's leading the investment of gumi Cryptos as the Managing Director.

gumi Cryptos

Rui Zhang

Mikio Fukai

Mobile Factory, Inc. 

Executive Director

Mobile Factory, Inc. 

He takes part in the Uniqys Project that facilitates the development of blockchain.


Muuto Morikawa

Ginco Inc.

Founder & CEO of Ginco Inc.

which is a company on its way

to become the next generation bank

of the crypto currency era.

Global firm and Dapp

Shiyo Takeoka


which is think-tank arm

of Mizuho Financial group.

And also Shiyo working as tech-scout and PoC manager in Blockchain technology.


Kazumasa Miyazawa

Soramitsu Co., Ltd.

Soramitsu is a blockchain and fintech startup that created and co-maintains

distributed ledger platform named Hyperledger Iroha.


Maxwell was with a Japanese VC firm

where he invested in internet

and mobile companies globally.

Millennium 7 Capital

Maxwell Weiss

Planning and developing "Financie",

a new social network service using blockchain technology that can support the achievement of dreams and targets around the world.

Financie Pte. ltd

Ryuichi Tanaka

How Dapp disrupts the Capitalism ?

Noriyuki Yanagawa

University of Tokyo

Professor at Graduate School

of Economics & Faculty of Economics,

The University of Tokyo


So Saito

So Law Office

Representative Lawyer of So Law Office.

His current main practice areas are Cryptocurrency, Blockchain

and FinTech law.


Chief researcher at MRI,

Innovation & Management division

Master of Engineering at Graduate School of Engineering , The University of Tokyo in 2008


Nobuyuki Matsuda

David is a corporate storyteller and strategist whose work focuses on bringing blockchain technology to mass adoption through the creation of meaningful, consumer centric experiences. He currently serves as Head of Product Strategy for Kin. 


David Sherman


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